feminae is crafted in Melbourne and is passionate about seriously good wine and spirits.

Latin for ‘Women’, feminae was originally established in 2018 as MAMA Wine Co. with a vision to put a little fun back into the wine market. After selling out 10,000 bottles of wine across 3 limited edition releases, we’re now gearing up for our boldest range ever.

But while our team works with some of Australia’s most iconic wineries to produce our next vintage, we turned our attention to creating the most delicious small batch dry Gin, naturally flavoured with Pink Grapefruit.

We’re excited to bring you exceptional Wine, Gin and a few more surprises over the coming months. 

Cheers to the fierce and fabulous.


A refreshing small batch Gin with native Lemon Myrtle and Pink Grapefruit which complements the essential Juniper Berry for a beautifully complex yet smooth feel. Hints of Cassia Bark and Coriander Seed round off the finish by adding a slight note of spice and peppery tones. Serve with tonic and a wedge of Pink Grapefruit or if in the mood, indulge in a Negroni.



2020 Range Coming Soon

Previous Releases

Summer 2019

Our limited run of Prosecco, Moscato,
Sauvignon Blanc sold out in 4 weeks

Winter 2019

Our limited run of Moscato & Pinot Noir
sold out in 2 weeks

Summer 2018

Our limited run of Pinot Grigio, Rose &
Prosecco sold out in 2 weeks

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